Zomby Details 'With Love' Album

Zomby Details 'With Love' Album
Last month, production master Zomby announced that he'd finally return with a new album called broke a lengthy hiatus the release of a new single called With Love. Now, he's shared details of the anticipated release.

The lengthy double album includes 33 tracks, and a new tracklisting suggests some epic themes throughout. Not only do multiple songs reference mythical figures ("Isis," "Orion," "Sphinx" etc.), but many also plug into themes from Zomby's entire career.

As FACT observes, "777" bears a similar title to the song "Untitled 777" that leaked last year, while "Memories" shares a title with a song the producer shared on Dubstep Forum back in '07. "Digital Smoke" follows along lineage of Zomby songs with "digital" in the title, and "Entropy Sketch" is the same name as Zomby's mix for Rinse FM.

In other words, at least thematically, this album will share a lot with Zomby's previous work. We can find out just how much when it's released as a triple-vinyl set or double CD via 4AD on June 18. Check out "Soliloquy" below.

With Love:

Disc one:

1. As Darkness Falls
2. Ascension
3. Horrid
4. If I Will
5. Isis
6. It's Time
7. Memories
8. Orion
9. Overdose
10. Pray For Me
11. Rendezvous
12. The Things You Do
13. This One
14. Vanishment
15. VI-XI
16. VXV
17. 777
Disc two:

1. Black Rose
2. Digital Smoke
3. Entropy Sketch
4. Glass Ocean
5. How To Ascend
6. I Saw Golden Light
7. Pyrex Nights (ft. Last Japan)
8. Quickening
9. Reflection In Black Glass
10. Shiva
11. Soliloquy
12. Sphinx
13. Sunshine In November
14. Vast Emptiness
15. White Smoke
16. With Love