Zomby 'Dedication' (album stream)

Zomby 'Dedication' (album stream)
As recently reported, dubstep-leaning eccentric Zomby will drop his full-length 4AD debut on July 12. However, if you're itching to hear the album, Dedication, it's streaming online.

As FACT points out, you can currently listen to the entire album here via German store HHV. There's no word on how long this stream will last, so we recommend you get listening ASAP if you want to preview the album.

Also, we now have what may be the cover (see above) and a full tracklisting (see below).


1. "Witch Hunt"
2. "Natalia's Song"
3. "Alothea"
4. "Black Orchid"
5. "Riding With Death"
6. "Vortex"
7. "Things Fall Apart"
8. "Salamander"
9. "Lucifer"
10. "Digital Rain"
11. "Vanquish"
12. "A Devil Lay Here"
13. "Florence"
14. "Haunted"
15. "Basquiat"
16. "Mozaik"