Zombi Zombi

Although they are obviously inspired by the more foreign and leftfield enthusiast horror movie music soundtracks of the '70s and '80s, Zombi (a duo consisting of Steve Moore and A.E. Paterra) do it right. And what adds more authenticity is the fact that they are from Pittsburgh, the region where the classic Dawn of the Dead (aka Zombi) film is set. For those who are into creeping to synth music in the horror vein, look no further, as they combine everything you liked about film director/composer John Carpenter's music (Halloween, Escape From New York), Vangelis (Blade Runner), Jean Michel Jarre (Oxygene, Equinox) and of course, legendary Italian progsters Goblin, who have made music for George Romero films. However, their compositional skills hold their own (presented as sequences of sequences) with neck-breaking snare, guitar staccatos and fun electronic investigative detective grooves that can be played at an art gallery or club, setting a really enjoyable tone. The music is never overbearing, busy or egocentric; it has just that right amount of synthetic sound, free-flowing ideologies and spook to make it perfect. (Meridian)