Zombi "Diffraction Zone" (NSFW video)

Zombi 'Diffraction Zone' (NSFW video)
With Halloween creepin' up on us, it's most fitting that horror score-styled prog duo Zombi have delivered a spooktacular video for their Shape Shift track, "Diffraction Zone." It's full of vintage pop culture clips, and you can try to pick them all out for yourself via an online stream.

The track dials into a post-Goblin/Carpenter soundscape full of thunderous beats, eerily oscillated synth patches, and a cemetery strollin' bass line.

The video, prepped by TNUC, mashes together plenty of menacing on-screen moments. As you'll discover, it can bounce from the gelatinous threat of The Blob (the '80s version) to the similarly sticky sight of Masters of the Universe baddie Spikor being tortured in the Slime Pit in a kids commercial. Also on display are some rather uncomfortable paranormal sex scenes and a surefire reason not to take on a heaping spoonful of The Stuff.

Due to the gore galore and some nudity, we're going to have to label this NSFW. All the same, you can check out the fleshy montage down below, courtesy of Under the Radar.