Zombi Cosmos

Zombi boldly claim to be inspired by the works of Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci, as well as the soundtrack scores of John Carpenter and Goblin. Cosmos does something rather unexpected on several of its seven tracks. That said, only a couple cuts truly venture into the eerie territory generally brought to mind by their aforementioned big-name influences, the rest with titles such as "Cetus,” "Orion,” and "Cassiopea,” take a more driving futuristic sci-fi approach — to be clear, that’s ’70s sci-fi infused with new millennium musical technology. The future-focused tracks tend towards a common infusion of repetitive rhythms and, at times, the accompanying melodies almost casually remind the listener of their most tense space adventure video game moments. Cosmos isn’t a record for everyone, being entirely instrumental it offers a soundtrack flavour that still comes off feeling too relentless at moments to be a true soundtrack score. Where it best succeeds is when it cashes in the frenetic programmed drums for darkly ambient soundscapes or even the one sugary sweet offering of electronic whimsy. In the end this 46-minute offering will undoubtedly be most appealing for fans of the band itself and diehards of the horror and sci-fi cinema genre who like their discs drenched in heady nostalgia and served up with a film reel suggested by and only limited to the breadth of their imaginations. (Relapse)