Zoetrope A Life of Crime

The music of Zoetrope never made a huge impact on the metal scene. They were entertaining in their own right, had the chops and ears to write some decent metal, but never got their big break. What Zoetrope was known for was breaking down a barrier or two by including a gentleman of colour within their ranks and introducing one Louie Svitek, the man who went on to ply his wares in M.O.D. and Mindfunk. This reissue of their second record may not be as anticipated as the reissue of Bonded by Blood, but it illustrates the extent that punk and hardcore had infiltrated the sound as of 1987. This album melds punk-ish power chord progressions with screeching vocals and wailing guitar solos that anybody would be proud to air guitar to. The band’s speed metal was combined with a raucous and gritty street smart vibe. Despite being a good album, A Life of Crime doesn't really stand the test of time. (Century Media)