Zo! & Tigallo Love The '80s

With so many current artists finding success in revisiting the ’80s via modern day new wave reinventions, Little Brother’s resident crooner Tigallo (aka Phonte) and multi-instrumentalist producer mate Zo! unite to check the flamboyant decade from another far more soulful angle. With the heat turned up high on the creamy, rich array of enveloping synth tones that anchor this nostalgic foray, the duo bring a whole new degree of lushness to classic tunes by Toto, Human League and others on their mini-covers album, Love The ’80s. While extended takes on Toto’s "Africa” and A-Ha’s "Take On Me” remain fairly faithful to the originals, Phonte’s thick and harmonious vocal layering does wonders for the new versions of songs like Level 42’s "Something About You,” alongside Zo’s chunky bass lines. Fully loving his new Vandross-ian role, the LB MC lets go on the cheese grill-inducing attempt at "Written All Over Your Face,” dropping clenched-fist vocal turns that would made Gerald Levert proud. Bring on the ’90s, fellas! (Independent)