Zipperspy Glass Bomb Baby

Glass Bomb Baby is a diverse and complicated album that zooms all over the place. Maria Moran, the artist behind Zipperspy, takes beats, ambience and samples, grinds them up and shoots them out like Kid 606 or Jega. The result is a lot like their works - the gems are there, but they're sometimes hard to find. "Syn Snyper Rain" is a delightful 30-second ambient piece, while "Sippa Snowa" is traditional drum & bass. Then come the more experimental pieces, like the dropout-filled "Subterrenean" and "Slam Jam," which is best listened to through headphones for full enjoyment of the stereo panning and the distorted breakbeats. "Click n Gabber" is a monotonous techno beat while a French conversation goes on and "Organ Slipper" is a neat didgeridoo drone. Depending on how you like your sounds processed, looped and skewered, you'll find interesting and dull tracks on this album. But with the variety of sound on this album, there's a bit for everyone. (Fuzzy Box)