The Zeros Zero In

Before you old school hounds get all hot and heavy, realize that while this group of Zeros are also from California, they aren't the seminal punk band featuring a pre-El Vez Robert Lopez. In fact, they're a group of glam-loving cock-rockers that look and sound closer to today's Forgotten Rebels than they do some Latin Elvis Presley impersonator. Maybe they'd fare better if they went that route though, as Zero In is more than aptly named. Basic and obvious, this is the sort of lowest common denominator trifle that gives genres bad reputations. From the rudimentary riffs and lack of zeal through to singer Sammy Serious's goofy lyrics only a 13-year-old boy would enjoy ("I like to think with my dick?" "I wanna hot dog/I'm doggin' it?") and monotone delivery, the Zeros sound like something even the Heartbreakers couldn't stomach on a nervous system full of Chinese Rock. If zero is what the band put into this, you can imagine what we get out of it. (Independent)