Zero Hour Specs of Pictures Burnt Beyond

For anyone that was blown away at the one release that Chuck Schuldiner’s Control Denied project put out, Zero Hour are a band you should be checking out. Although they formed in the San Francisco/Bay Area way back in 1993, this is only their fourth major release. Fronted by the lead guitar and bass combination of twin brothers Jasun and Troy Tipton, Zero Hour are remarkably talented. Anyone that enjoys progressive, technical metal should do well to investigate. From the vocal side of things, Chris Salinas serves up a very impressive range, and sounds exactly like Tim Aymar, who was vaulted into the spotlight on Control Denied’s Fragile Art of Existence. Obviously this style of metal is not for everyone. There is a big stench of fromage all over this album. Salinas’ vocals at times sound like over the top theatrics and the average track length of about seven minutes could make the listener bored by the end of the experience. But if you’re a fan of posing while you sing in several different octaves; mind-bending riffage and time signature changes then by all means, give Zero Hour a try. (Sensory)