Zachary Lucky Come & Gone

Striking and beautifully crafted, the songs on Zachary Lucky's debut album reveal a talent for melody and a newfound confidence. Though he's been playing and recording since 2007, Lucky's first full-length release is a step forward for the Saskatoon, SK singer-songwriter. With themes that vacillate between restless wanderlust and yearning for home, Come & Gone exudes a sense of longing that's most familiar on the prairies but is recognizable to anyone who's ever smoked a cigarette alone in their room at two a.m. Violin, cello and slide guitar add warmth to spare acoustic guitar lines, the album sparkling with immediacy and intimacy. Come & Gone's only fault, in fact, is that it doesn't go on long enough. With the two exquisite instrumental numbers lasting only a minute apiece, and the record coming in under half an hour, Come & Gone is an enticingly brief, but highly auspicious debut. (Independent)