Yves Deruyter 2001

Yves Deruyter's 2001 is a good example of the modern trance sound. The Belgian DJ combines buzzing synths, acidic bass lines and "four on the floor" drumbeats to create energetic dance tracks. Although the album gets off to a bit of a cheesy start, it then moves into better tracks. Of the later tracks, "Me & My Miracle" has a pleasing gritty feel to it, with its tough drums and arpeggiating synth lines. "Filter Trip" is a great example of how to work an acid synth loop to build tension, while "Who To Choose..." places a twinkling melody and sad chords over crisp beats. This album is nothing but trance, and those who like artists like Paul Van Dyk and DJ Tiƫsto should have a look. (Beatbuzz)