Yusa Breathe

Cuba’s rich history of producing incredible singers and musicians exists to this day and actively recruits from its deep talent pool. One new songstress to follow in this tradition is Cuba’s own Yusa. Her debut, self-titled album shot her into the world’s attention; now she follows it up with Breathe — a journey through her influences, which range from Miles Davis jazz to Stevie Wonder soul to Sting rock. A soft, delicate groove backs each sweet vocal; making music that caresses the body and soul. Yusa not only showcases a strong, sexy voice but also her multiple talents on bass, piano and guitar, as well as her ability to form beautiful arrangements on Breathe. Yusa helps the tiny island shake the shackles of the "golden age” of Cuban music and the repetitive Buena Vista world by creating a beautiful snapshot of 21st century contemporary Cuba on only her second release — and creates a hope for the future of her own and Cuba’s musical growth. (Tumi)