Yung Tory


BY Clayton TomlinsonPublished Mar 1, 2019

Toronto rapper Yung Tory's new album features many of rap's current trends taken to their illogical end. Despite this, Rastar shows why he's made a name for himself at 22. It features drip rap, trap, mumble rap and some sort of crooning that veers into Young Thug territory at times. All this creates a confusing album when listened to all the way through.
He's best on early songs "Netflix and Chill," "Mike Jones" and "Sacked Up." But there's quickly ensuing ridiculousness from "MIZU" where, along with a sound effect of an actual water droplet, you find the album's most inventive lines: "Spend a whole bag for like no fuckin' reason / Coolin' with your ho and we at the Four Season / Your bitch is a junkie, coke got her nose bleedin'." There are quite a few songs that do little more than vacuously document Tory's life without offering depth beyond cataloguing extravagances.
He's best when he lets the mood of a song overtake him, becoming a carefree, most enjoyable version of Tory that we hear over Rastar's 14-song 34-minute runtime.
(Create Music Group)

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