Yukon Blonde "Stairway" (video)

Yukon Blonde 'Stairway' (video)
With Yukon Blonde's Tiger Talk due to arrive on March 20 through Dine Alone Records, the guitar-worshipping BC band have just unveiled a music video for their recent single "Stairway."

The video for this catchy pop rock track stars guitarist Brandon Scott, who attempts to clean his apartment while a bunch of random house guests get in the way.

In a statement accompanying the clip on YouTube, the band explain that it's about the strain of life on the road, writing that it "features Brandon in a dream like state, remembering and longing for all the wonderfully mundane things you do at home like cleaning or washing dishes. In the dream he also finds these 'apparitions' which seem to be memories of people and places he misses from home, from which he feels slightly detached from being away so long, and yet he can always return and connect with them in the end. Or something like that. It's up to anyone's interpretation. What do you think?"

This video premiered on AUX. Watch it below.