Youth Lagoon "Raspberry Cane" (video)

Youth Lagoon 'Raspberry Cane' (video)
A loving tribute to monster movies of yore, the new video for Youth Lagoon's "Raspberry Cane" shows off a number of crazy creatures cruising through our city streets.

Directed by Stephen McNally, the animated clip presents an alternate world where humans and fantastical beasts try to coexist. That said, the people seem on edge as they see a tentacled monstrosity strutting down the street or a flaming phoenix entity overtaking a power station.

We initially thought that scaly sea dragon and the dude doing the breast stroke in the pool together were pretty mindful of each other, but spoiler alert: it kind of looks as if the human's doing a way-too-convincing dead man's float by song's end. "Here's to death, drink up," Trevor Powers's effects-loaded coo delivers late in the track.

Whatever the circumstances may be in the beautifully animated fantasy clip, you can check out both it and Youth Lagoon's swirling psych-pop single in the player down below.