Young Thug On the Rvn

Young Thug On the Rvn
Fresh off the release of his newest studio album Slime Language, and an arrest for a weapons charge at its listening party, Young Thug has released an EP called On the Rvn.
This latest from Young Thug is just six tracks long and about 20 minutes in total. Given the Wyoming tapes from Kanye West et al., one might be forgiven for confusing this with an album, but it's not.
Thugger is his same-old self on the tracks, but that is not necessarily good, given that he is the epitome of experimentation in hip-hop these days. As he informs me and my ilk on "Real in My Veins": "Tell the critics that they talkin' bout the fucking founder."
And yet most of these songs sound unoriginal — nothing separates them from those old foundational tracks he mentions. It could be London on da Track's production — which is best when it's subtle, like on "Sin," which has a great feature from Jaden Smith — or just a lack of trying on the part of the singer/rapper.
"High" is the clear highlight. The song billed as a collaboration between Thug and Elton John; it's really a clever interpolation of samples from the classic "Rocketman."
All this is not to say Thugger has failed, because it is great for your morning routine before work, or your commute to school. But, it's not 2016's JEFFERY.
With the post-release addition of T-Shyne, four of the six songs feature other artists. All in all, there's not much of the Thugger we want on this EP, just the one we've already heard.