JEFFERY (a.k.a Young Thug) "Elton" (ft. Wyclef Jean)

JEFFERY (a.k.a Young Thug) 'Elton' (ft. Wyclef Jean)
While Young Thug is due to deliver a new project called Jeffery sometime soon under his new JEFFERY monkier, a song called "Elton" from the release has escaped early. Insta pics have show us in the past that Thugger is a fan of pop-rock figure Elton John, but this tune is actually a team-up with Wyclef Jean.

As if pulled from the Lion King soundtrack, though, the song starts off with a round of cricket chirps and synth marimba, as well as a series of middle finger-wagging ad libs from Thug. The song goes on to showcase Cassius Jay's big and bouncy beat, with the host's flow letting us know that his bed has been getting squirted on lately.

Jean is all over the track, more often than not twisting melodies around the word "Jeffery" and the super pervy reveal that "she so wet." He does, however, get a guest verse on there too, wherein he tries to calm said Jeffrey down from hitting skins, lest he want to show up trying to deny a kid is his on Maury.

You can hear the cut below, while the rest of Jeffery is expected shortly.