Young Satan in Love Flourish Festival, Fredericton NB, April 25

Young Satan in Love Flourish Festival, Fredericton NB, April 25
Photo: Kyle Forbes
Young Satan in Love's performance arguably began when singer Marc Bragdon — clad in Day-Glo western garb — crooned along to a timely spin of George Michael's "Father Figure," as his bandmates set up around him. "Enjoy the seasons you have left, before the cowboy comes for you," he remarked into the mic, before the six-piece band launched into a tightly woven set of saturated guitar work, gang vocals and perfect pop melodies.
The band's gentle subversiveness caused many non-locals to take a cautionary few steps back at the outset, though this made way for a number of folks who seemed to know all of the words to songs like "Go to Hell" and "All I Want Is War." Anthemic guitarmonies on "Viral Sensation" carried into new song "Pleasures & Treasures," a catchy number about the local sex shop that urges: "You've gotta get it on / Before you're dead and gone."
The band also tapped the banjo and line dancing in an effort to subsidize New Brunswick's lacklustre cannabis industry, with the country slow burner "Government Weed": "Government weed / The government's got mouths to feed." "Jesus loves me," proclaimed the swan song, before an encore produced a lineup change and guest vocals from members of Motherhood, to accommodate the sensual pop song "Boom Boom."