Young Guv "Crawling Back to You" (video)

Young Guv 'Crawling Back to You' (video)
As many a kid will know, standing beside your mom at the mall isn't exactly the most thrilling of ways to spend your day. You've got to make your own fun. With that in mind, the new video for Toronto power-popper Young Guv's Ripe 4 Luv cut "Crawling Back to You" stars a little guy named Rex who breaks away from his family for a mini-adventure.

Though first found huddled beneath the supportive wing of his mom, Rex soon takes flight to explore an indoor mall, whether crawling beneath clothing racks or picking up some treats.

Turns out this kid has a crazy disposable income, considering he mugs for not one but two strips of photo booth pictures, and later picks up some coin dial candy, a DQ smoothie, and a pretty tasty looking sushi meal.

There's a makeup lesson and some kids rides in there too, but the all-day outing caps with a big ol' bear hug with mom.

The video's quite sweet and relatable, and can be seen down below.