Young Galaxy "Peripheral Visionaries" (video)

Young Galaxy 'Peripheral Visionaries' (video)
Young Galaxy have revealed a new video for "Peripheral Visionaries," a track off their well-received album Shapeshifting, released earlier this year.

The kind-of-creepy-but-more-so-cute animated music video shares the story of a skeleton, turned pink blob, turned pop star, all while being watched by a man with a preposterously long beard. Sound ridiculous? Watch the clip below and try to come up with a better description. Unfortunately, we can't promise a happy ending for the little blobby pop star.

The video was directed by Sinbad Richardson and is a sequel to Young Galaxy's "We Have Everything" clip.

Shapeshifting is out now on Paper Bag.

YOUNG GALAXY 'Peripheral Visionaries' [OFFICIAL VIDEO] from Paper Bag Records on Vimeo.