Young Empires

Wake All My Youth

BY Luca MorellatoPublished Jan 29, 2012

With the explosion of bands like MGMT, Foster the People and Passion Pit, it's safe to say that dance-friendly indie music is here to stay. Toronto, ON's Young Empires have crafted a wonderful slice of catchy, melodic dance with their Wake All My Youth EP. The lyrics are appropriately tacky and the bass lines have just enough disco influence to make you start an embarrassing groove. It's music like this that makes dreamers want to dance, as each track has enough atmosphere to satisfy even the most wide-eyed youth. Lead single "White Doves" is undeniably catchy and marketable, but it's "Against the Wall" that introduces some interesting choices (is that a glockenspiel?). Fun dance music shouldn't take itself too seriously and Young Empires succeed most when they accept the cheesy nature of their disco-tinged style. Luckily, they embrace the cheese, making Wake All My Youth a pleasant journey.
(Pirate Blend)

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