Young Buck Buck The World

Down south — which is now on top in terms of dominating the rap world — lyrical progression is an afterthought. And so the endless ghetto tropes, which are now familiar to everyone, tumble out of Young Buck’s mouth in that trademark lazy drawl. "It must be the ice or the money that I make,” raps Buck about still having to deal with haters on "Say It To My Face.” Yeah, or it’s the fact that rappers never seem to learn that so long as you flaunt your wealth and bust shots at other crews, people will plot your fall. But more importantly, how is it that Buck isn’t in jail? Remember when he was charged with stabbing someone at the Vibe Awards? What ever happened with that? Hell, one of this CD’s most unnerving moments comes near the end of the ethereal "Buss Yo’ Head,” where Buck jokes that he just beat another gun charge. Yes, these are our heroes. As for the record, it’s worthy only for its beats. It’s like advertising: all you remember is the hook. Making a bid for the ultimate ghetto pass, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park contributes a syrupy smooth R&B chorus to "Slow Ya Roll.” Best to avoid that one completely. Rumour is Buck is on the outs with 50 Cent and G-Unit. The short story is 50 forced Buck to record the Camron diss song "Hold On” against his will. Sad. (G-Unit)