You Will Always' Debut LP 'Dependent, Reliant' Gets Brutally Honest About Heartbreak and Addiction

BY Eva ZhuPublished Nov 3, 2020

Hamilton emo quartet You Will Always are here to remind listeners that they don't have to go through life alone. The band was formed by Counterparts guitarist Alex Re after he went through a particularly devastating two years of heartbreak and addiction. Re realized that if he didn't pour his heart into something else, he could die — and so, You Will Always were born.

Dependent, Reliant opens with lead single "Brutally Honest," a punchy track detailing the aforementioned heartbreak and addiction. While sad, the lyrics contain a glimmer of hope; Re seems to be finding himself again.

The second song on the LP, "30 Days of Sun," speaks of the low self-esteem one is consumed with after losing someone; your mind begins spiralling, and the lyrics on this track exemplify just what you're wondering at the time: "Why wasn't I enough for you?"

Unlike most other emo and alternative albums, the songs on this record don't all fit neatly together. Each one is a different listening experience. "High Enough" is especially interesting, as they utilize musical tools uncommon in emo: synth, drum machines and reverb.

The hope described in the first half of the album disappears in the regretful, doubt-ridden "In Fantasy." The bright guitar riffs contrast with lyrics admitting "I failed again."

Despite all that Re's been through and the emotional journey he takes listeners through on the LP, he ends the album with "It's OK." It's a welcome change in mood and reassures the listener that he's doing better. Dependent, Reliant's emotional heaviness may not be for everyone, especially in 2020, but it's a reminder no matter how bleak life gets, things will get better.

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