You Say Party! We Say Die! Announce Remix Album

You Say Party! We Say Die! Announce Remix Album
Abbotsford-based dance punk collective You Say Party! We Say Die! have been riding a wave of momentum since the release of Hit The Floor!, their debut album, in 2005. Since then, the band have embarked on tours of Canada, Europe and Asia, and even managed to get banned from the United States.

As they take a short break to work on their follow-up to last year’s Lose All Time album, they refuse to let their output slow down. As such, they have just announced the release of Remik’s Cube, their unfortunately titled remix record. Featuring collaborations from vitaminsforyou, Montag and Fake Shark Real Zombie’s Kevvy Mental, among many others, the record contains reinterpreted selections from Lose All Time. The digital-only release will come out August 26 on Paper Bag Records.

Here is Remik’s Cube tracklisting:

1. 5 Year Plan (vitaminsforyou 6th Year Remix)
2. DMG, AKR! (S-2 Beatdown Mayors Mix)
3. Opportunity (Montag's I Love Her Remix)
4. Teenage Hit Wonder (re-styled by Camp America)
5. Monster (RAC Mix)
6. Like I Give A Care (The Octopus Project Remix)
7. Poison (Bocce Remix)
8. Moon (Wallpaper Remix)
9. Giant Hands (Kevvy Mental's Hand In Hand In Hands Remix)
10. You're Almost There (DJ Rexford Mix)
11. Dancefloor Destroyer (Great Lenin's Ghost Remix)
12. Quiet World (Stop Die Resuscitate In A Khole Remix)

You Say Party! We Say Die! "Opportunity”