You'll Soon Be Able to Buy Shares in Songs by Justin Bieber, Ryan Tedder, Diplo and More on JKBX

Buy low, sell high

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Aug 25, 2023

Brand new finance bros Ryan Tedder and Diplo are looking to give the business boys of Bay Street a run for their money.

The OneRepublic frontman and new Antarctic adventurer have officially partnered with JKBX (pronounced "jukebox") to allow investors to purchase royalty shares of their songs — an idea that Tedder actually had himself back in 2020, according to Billboard

Since Tedder not only has several hits with OneRepublic, but has also penned chart-toppers for Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Maroon 5 and several others, while Diplo has found success both as a solo act and as a member of Major Lazer, their involvement brings with them an expansive discography for platform users to invest in.

JKBX makes its deals with music publishers, labels and other copyright holders, but songwriters will profit from a pool of money set aside for an initiative dubbed the Creator Program. 

Although not the first company to dabble in music royalty investment, JKBX has certainly made the most progress thanks to the involvement of artists like Tedder, Diplo and American Authors, as well as financial support from YouTube, Spotify and Live Nation.

According to JKBX CEO Scott Cohen, the final step before people can officially begin investing is to receive approval from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Until that happens, he says they're focused on recruiting more artists to populate the platform with their music. 

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