Yo! Majesty Kryptonite Pussy EP

Prior to the release of their full-length debut, Tampa, FL duo Yo! Majesty drop this little EP of exclusives unavailable on their upcoming Futuristically Speaking... Never Be Afraid album. The Kryptonite Pussy EP merges Salt-N-Pepa with 2 Live Crew for the new millennium, with lesbian rappers Shunda K and Jwl. B dropping nasty sex raps and female empowerment lyrics over party rockin’ electro-crunk productions. The highlight is definitely the title track, a dance club anthem built around "Supersonic”-style drums, deep synth bass and heavy guitars for an ode to the power of the pussy. Another highlight is "Monkey,” with Jwl. B’s slightly repetitive double time sex raps over rapid drums, more deep synth bass and a bunch of screeches and squeals. Oddly enough, Yo! Majesty end the EP with harsh safe sex song "Hit It and Quit It,” which hides behind a fun club beat. These Southern gals display a shit load of swagger in their raps and have put together a wicked five-song EP but unfortunately, it all ends up a little one-dimensional. Their upcoming album promises a little more diversity, adding in elements of spirituality and social consciousness. Still, this is a great, shocking introduction to a group soon to be making many waves on the music scene. (Domino)