Yo Gotti Back 2 Da Basics

One line in Yo Gotti’s single "Full Time” (which appeared in last year’s Hustle & Flow) could serve as a criticism of the southern MC: "I’m a part-time rapper, full-time trapper.” Because as good as Gotti’s new album, Back 2 Da Basics, occasionally is, Gotti only really brings it about half the time. "Full Time” is the unequivocal highlight, a slurred slither through distorted Southern grime that set the bar high for this record in advance of its release. Parts of the rest of the album live up to it: "Gangsta Party” and "That’s What They Made it Foe” are hooky party tracks while "A Part of Thugs” lifts the second side of the record with a gritty narrative and soulful production. But that second side is weighed down by filler, and eventually Gotti’s steadfast adherence to the usual gangster fare gets boring. (TVT)