While the saleability of a K-OS record has never truly been in question through the polystylistic artist's three previous efforts, the sense that third disc Atlantis followed a little too closely to the tangible formula of his earlier works left some wondering about future endeavours. In this light, then, the clear depth and rejuvenated purpose of Yes! thoroughly breaks that trend while leaving the man's successful blueprint intact. There's a dark seriousness to cuts like "Zambony" and "FUN!," as their staunch hip-hop base is amplified by well-placed ethereal vocals and string elements, and unique percussive turns. Conversely, the full weight of K-os's rock inclinations can be felt on the slinky, guitar-heavy three a.m.-er "Uptown Girl," while the thickly layered electro twist of "Eye Know Something" and the strident melodic stomp of travelling man tune "I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman" each come off with surgeon-like precision. With little time spent on trying to justify non-hip-hop themes this time around, the music and its crafty creators let loose, and the result lands K-os back on track. (Crown Loyalist)