Yelawolf "Primus Freestyle"

Yelawolf 'Primus Freestyle'
It turns out Yelawolf spent his youth sipping on pork soda, as the Alabama rapper has just unveiled a "Primus Freestyle" that grafts his Southern spitting style onto the bass string-slapping attack of the veteran alt-groove combo.

Though arguably more "Catfish Billy" than "Tommy the Cat," the freestyle finds the MC dishing on the influence of

Primus over the familiar, funky freak-out of "My Name Is Mud." Throughout the track, he talks about playing to thousands of fans, while describing Les Claypool as an angel.

Take a listen to the tributary track down below, perhaps whilst "swillin' down them cans of swine."

Primus, meanwhile, have their movie musical-saluting Primus & the Chocolate Factory record coming out October 21 through ATO.