Yeasayer "Longevity" (video)

Yeasayer 'Longevity' (video)
Last week, Brooklyn indie outfit Yeasayer delivered a hazy and head-scratching video for "Henrietta," the first single off their "demented R&B album" Fragrant World. Judging by their latest clip for album track "Longevity," it seems skewed visuals have become the group's calling card.

The Yoshi Sodeoka-directed video presents an obscured neon backdrop featuring a shiny spinning centrepiece that sort of looks like a toppled bicycle circling around a maypole... or maybe that's just us.

After zoning in and out of focusing between the heat-vision goggle-style visuals, and the pizzicato electric plunks and eerily sensual pitch-shifted vocals of "Longevity," we've come to the conclusion that a dog is walking across a tropical jungle by the end of the video. We could be wrong, though, so try figuring it out for yourself down below.

Fragrant World arrives August 21 through Secretly Canadian.