Year of Desolation Year of Desolation

Exploding out of the heavy metal wasteland of Indiana, Year of Desolation is a fantastic discovery for any metal fan looking for unsullied young talent. Drawing on myriad different sources that range from Iron Maiden to Sepultura to Cryptopsy, Year of Desolation’s self-titled release is an excellent helping of straight-up, balls-out metal. Its most easily compared to a more thrashed-up sound that utilises a Suffocation-like guitar tone, with a little bit of melody tossed in to garnish the mix. Straddling this combination between standard death and thrash has resulted in an album that is littered with some very striking displays of musicianship and songwriting. With "metal band of the moment” Lamb of God essentially releasing the same Pantera-worship with each successive album, it makes one wonder where this band and their impressive piece of pure, passionate metal will fit in the American heavy metal lexicon? With all fairness, Year of Desolation will hopefully build up a legacy based on their talent and fervour to bring real metal back to the mainstream. Although it remains early in the new year, Year of Desolation should rank high in comparison to the rest of the metal released in 2007. (Prosthetic)