Yeah Yeah Yeahs Yeah Yeah Yeahs

On this short, five-song EP, NYC's Yeah Yeah Yeahs impressively survey ample musical territory. The band's profundity is all the more remarkable, given their minimal guitar, drums and vocals arrangement, and the recording is deftly captured by the production skills of Jerry Teel, of Chrome Cranks/Boss Hog/Knoxville Girls notoriety. "Bang" grippingly reels with Karen O's sexual bravado and Nick Zinner's off-kilter new wave guitar riff. "Mystery Girl" smoulders with a blues-injected intensity and Brian Chase's tom-heavy drums, while "Art Star" evokes a splintered narrative concerning a self-absorbed artist, efficiently alternating from upbeat, effervescent rhythms to frenzied noise. "Miles Away" commences reservedly before hastening into a pulse-quickening clatter as Karen's singing acquires a strong resemblance to PJ Harvey's voice. The EP's last song, "Our Time," echoes for miles, featuring an unreservedly stoned, Velvet Underground-like groove. In a few brief minutes, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs prove they are far cooler than the incessantly lethargic Strokes and their million dollar haircuts. (Touch and Go)