Yael Wand At Your Door

Yael Wand roped in a variety of talented Canadian musicians to provide instrumentation for the jazzy folk songs of her sophomore release. The participation of notables such as Ken Whiteley (mandolin), James Hill (ukulele) and Jesse Zubot (violin) speak to the quality of Wand’s songwriting, the charm of her melodies and the effortless beauty of her voice. The music has a tangible sense of place, and with the gentle transition to each new song it travels somewhere new and enchanting. Lap guitar carries her voice to a moonshine maker’s still, the cheeky plunk of a ukulele evokes a Louisiana nightclub, traditional Indian and African drums draw the listener into an exotic Middle Eastern market, a desolate trumpet wail calls to mind the cold stars twinkling above the mountains of Wand’s northern BC home. With Wand’s non-stop tour schedule, it’s no wonder her music travels so well. And folk fans Canada-wide will be delighted to discover her as she passes through. (Redection Road)