Weapons of Mass Destruction

BY Chris PenrosePublished Feb 1, 2005

It may surprise many to know that this is Xzibit’s fourth album. Where his debut and sophomore efforts are both impressive releases, his later release seemed to lack purpose and focus. After facing distancing relations with Dr. Dre and The Liks, the crew that he came up with, X can be found Pimpin’ rides all across America. Looking to pimp his own career, production assistance from Hi-Tek and Timbaland definitely upgrades the album with cuts "Scent of a Woman,” "Tough Guy,” and "Hey Now.” Other strong tracks are "Cold World” and "Judgement Day,” where X shines some light on his view of the world as we know. One other noteworthy inclusion is the album intro "State of the Union,” which features a haunting manipulation of George Bush’s voice speaking on the birth of the era of terror. For the rest of the album, Xzibit fans will be satisfied, while most others will likely look for a bit more to play this album more than a couple of times.

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