Xiu Xiu "El Naco" (NSFW video)

Xiu Xiu 'El Naco' (NSFW video)
Since Xiu Xiu had to cancel their upcoming tour plans due to vocalist Jamie Stewart's throat problems, the band have offered up yet another video to help support their new Angel Guts: Red Classroom LP. We're warning you, though, the bondage-heavy clip for hallucinatory synth piece "El Naco" gets grim and messy from the jump.

The violently erotic clip showcases all sorts of acts of submission, including a masked man in his briefs getting whipped and forced to lick the boot of his dominatrix. Another character getting kinky with a pair of snipping scissors makes Stewart's quivered out "this might be the last time we ever feel love" all the more ominous. Considering the fair share of blood and uncovered body parts, the video rightfully garners an NSFW tag.

Just like the pink undies-wearing hair-bear down below, you can wet yourself as a wave of fear and ecstasy washes over you by checking out the scenario down below.