XFilesX Excruciation

Twenty-two songs, averaging less than a minute in length comprise what can best be described as a 15-minute torture session courtesy of music’s past. Just as disquieting as the television show its name references, XFilesX merge several older hardcore elements. A hasty punk rock tempo underlies an audible bark with an inclination to flail into exploding grind similar to that of the Locust. Their sound is somewhat hollow, losing most of their depth in the under-produced guitars that are the hallmark of basement demo tapes. Assuming the X’s are an accurate homage to their conventional use, they exploit the abrasive straight-edge approach as a prominent element, using the grind aspects to add a modern twist in their music. They’ll often trail into more rock-oriented beats, slowing down to a mid-tempo 4/4 but will quickly return with early ‘90s throwdown. The band isn’t worth checking out, but other Trash Art recordings are reason enough to eyeball the website. (Trash Art)