Xeno & Oaklander Sign to Ghostly International for 'Par Avion'

Xeno & Oaklander Sign to Ghostly International for 'Par Avion'
Having already worked with a handful of record labels over the years, synthy electronic two-piece Xeno & Oaklander have announced they'll next be working with the Ghostly International imprint to deliver their first full-length in three years, Par Avion.

A press release from Ghostly confirms that Xeno & Oaklander's label debut drops June 24, and its title, translated from French into "by plane," sets up a somewhat conceptual effort. According to the act, the songs are sonic postcards that reflect on "shimmering moments from the present, romantic messages from the past, and love mementos for the future."

While apparently a tribute to airmail, singer Liz Wendelbo adds that the record also centres around the swapped-sensory experience of synesthesia, explaining: "Sound makes me think of a scent, which makes me think of an image, which makes me think of a certain kind of light."

With this in mind, album track "Jasmine Nights" apparently invokes the smell of flowers, while "Sheen" is explained as casting "inner visions of romance, where light and dark meet in the pupil of the eye."

"Sheen" will be familiar to fans, having been issued as a single last year via Electric Voice Records.

Throughout the LP, Wendelbo switches from singing in French and English, while Sean McBride's use of the Serge modular synthesizer apparently brings to mind early '90s shoegaze textures. You can check out the first single from the set, "Interface," beneath Par Avion's tracklisting.

Par Avion:

1. Interface
2. Lastly
3. Sheen
4. Par Avion
5. Jasmine Nights
6. Reflections
7. Nuage d'Ivoire
8. Providence
9. G. Bruno