xDeathstarx We Are The Threat

Taking their cues from the more chaotic end of tough metalcore, which rose to prominence in the mid- to late ’90s, xDeathstarx channel the spirit of Disembodied and classic Turmoil with just a little more low-end heft and the inclusion of numerous fist-pumping breakdowns. Effortlessly demolishing the rest of the Facedown Records roster, We Are The Threat is near flawless for what it is. The rhythm section is tight and pummelling, and the group’s triple-pronged vocal attack ensures that not a second passes by without a huge guy in a wife beater bellowing his lungs out. The multiple front-men’s attempts at collectively crooned clean vocals are a tad grating and overblown, coming across like drunken sea shanties more than anything else. Fortunately, these moments are kept to a bare minimum. A practical, stout production from Eric Rachel suits the record appropriately, despite being a tad more polished than what fans of this style are likely used to. Those looking for a mosh record with just enough twists, turns and metallic flourishes to keep the listener on their toes will find a gem in this release. (Facedown)