:Wumpscut: Evoke

It was probably inevitable that Rudy R. would fall into mediocrity, but that does not make the impact any easier to accept. Ratzinger’s latest work of darkened madness takes a gamble that just does not pay off and it seems he has forgotten what the fans want. The sound on Evoke ranges from ethereal to synth pop, and will leave a bland and mundane taste in your mouth. Bonepeeler could have easily paved the way for change and the Blondi EP at least gave promises towards some of the same old :Wumpscut:, yet Evoke is jumbled and uninteresting with the Blondi track "Rush” being the best song here (although "Tomb” is admittedly a great instrumental track with a rich soundscape). The inclusion of female vocalist Jane M. should have kept things interesting, but the opener "Maiden” is a great example of how she, instead, waters down Rudy’s talents. As a plus, the album feature two bonus remixes for "Churist Churist” and "Maiden,” both of which are better than the originals but still do not make the album worth owning. This is simply not what you would expect from :Wumpscut: and it feels as though Rudy is dying of thirst for some creative juices. (Metropolis)