Bone Peeler

BY Mike AdairPublished May 1, 2004

A new release by German artist Rudy Ratzinger (aka :wumpscut:) brings a distinguished gloominess upon us. With something like 13 years under the :wumpscut: name, it still represents a quality product. Through :wumpscut:, Ratzinger demonstrates his uncanny ability to take influences from various industrial bands and turn them into unique and dark sounds. Bone Peeler holds up this tradition. It is a woven beast of sinister energy and blackness. "Just a Tenderness” mixes static vocals with samples from The Exorcist to create sinister melody. Equally, "Rise Again” is a beautifully crafted anthem of dark culture madness. Also prominent is "Your Last Salute,” a track featuring the vocals of Rudy’s lifeblood Clara and is :wumpscut:’s first love song. "Our Fatal Longing" is another worthy mention, being both written and delivered similarly to a morbid nursery rhyme. All merits aside however, Bone Peeler occasionally falls into the modern industrial trap of being too repetitive, a fact best illustrated by "Fallen Angel.” Regardless, one fault does not ruin this eloquent effort, and Bone Peeler remains a worthy item for auditory consumption. This may not be music to dance by, but turn off the lights and have a listen. If shadows were electric, they’d be dancing in the world of :wumpscut:’s Bone Peeler.

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