WTF? Guided By Voices Score Soderbergh's Cleopatra Remake?

WTF? Guided By Voices Score Soderbergh's <i>Cleopatra</i> Remake?
Over the weekend, news broke that director Steven Soderbergh (Traffic, Oceans Eleven, Che) has announced plans to remake the disaster that was 1963's Cleopatra. Starring Catherine Zeta-Jones in the title role (originally played by Elizabeth Taylor) and Hugh Jackman as Antony (originally played by one of Taylor's many ex-husbands, the late Richard Burton), according to Variety, the film will be a "3-D live-action rock ’n’ roll musical" that will cost a modest $30 million — $14 million less than the original, which with modern adjustments would have cost approximately $270 million to make.

In what seems like a very unlikely move, according to the same report from Variety, Soderbergh has hired James Greer, a screenwriter and former member of Guided By Voices, to pen the script. Even more bizarre is the news that the kings of lo-fi, GBV, have already written the music for the film.

Bob Pollard singing about the Queen of Egypt? Why the hell not? Of course, none of this has yet been confirmed by the band's camp, and neither has any word been given of a reunion by the band, which as you may remember Pollard broke up for good at the end of 2004.

We smell a rat. But the thought of such a thing happening sounds unbelievable, in every way possible.

Guided By Voices "I Am A Scientist"