BY Jack KelleherPublished Jul 22, 2019

Combining aspects of technical and brutal death metal, Spanish death dealers Wormed have released a consistent discography of cosmic savagery since forming in 1998. Their latest EP, Metaportal, is the newest chapter in their series of multi-dimensional death, and their first release since the untimely passing of drummer Guillermo Calero in 2018.
Metaportal carries on the sound of 2016's Krighsu, blending dissonant melodies with spasmodic, stop-on-a-dime riffs. "Bionic Relic" is a prime example, with the band weaving pummelling, brutal death metal into spasmodic and dissonant riffs. It's a cold and hostile soundscape that suits the science fiction themes in the lyrics.
While the songs on this EP are brutal and staggering, their resolutions are often a little lacking, and leave something to be desired. Songs have a tendency to fade out, cut to something ambient, or, in the case of the closing track, turn into ear torture. It tends to soften the impact of otherwise brutal songs.
Wormed carry on their tradition of dropping brutal, face-melting death metal with Metaportal. It continues to build on the band's meld of extreme music, and hopefully hints at what we can expect next.
(Season of Mist)

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