Worm Is Green Automagic

And yet another artist from Iceland releasing what could be described as a unique and eerie form of music, which seems to be the norm for that country as of late. Worm Is Green, a five-piece band, comfortably wraps its sound around like a warm blanket of glitch-y electronics, hovered over by understated and calm female vocals. Using guitar samples and evocative synth loops they effectively push the emotions to and fro, creating a laid-back and quiet landscape to linger in. It reminds one of walking amidst a foggy, misty atmosphere in an isolated retreat, where one ponders past experiences. Rhythmically, the beats that occur here actually contain some bite and noise, giving them just the right amount of edge and sharpness. A beautiful, chill-out cover of Joy Division’s "Love Will Tear Us Apart” drifts around openly in the air. All the tracks seem to have an underlying resonance of an old record player’s static, hiss and skip, adding a really quaint feel to everything else that’s also swirling around you. An album of easy listening eletro-pop, brushed with a slight touch of austerity and distance — very pretty. (Thule Musik)