Woolworm Return with New Album 'Awe'

Listen to the Vancouver band's newly shared song "Hold the Bow"

BY Allie GregoryPublished Sep 19, 2019

Vancouver's Woolworm have announced their third studio album, titled Awe, is due this November 8 via Mint Records. Today, alongside the album announcement, the band have also shared a brand new song from the forthcoming LP titled "Hold the Bow."

According to frontman Giles Roy, "Hold the Bow" was inspired by Marina Abramović's infamous 1980 performance-art piece "Rest Energy," wherein two subjects balance between a bow and arrow. Roy elaborated in a statement, saying the inspiration comes from "the image of two people leaning back opposite each other, one holding a bow and the other holding an arrow pointed at their heart. Like the piece itself, the song is about complete trust. It's also a sort of love song, but not possessive, romantic love. It's more about unconditional love."

Check out "Hold the Bow" below.

As for Awe as a whole, Roy also offered a statement about his forthcoming album:

Ultimately, I think the album is about other people — trying to relate to someone, sometimes succeeding brilliantly, sometimes failing horrifically. Just the process of connecting with anyone is such a trip. It's so fucked up to have a real person in front of you and know that you're each just hiding in your own mind. You can wind up knowing them pretty well but you will never know what it's like to actually be them. So we're all alone in our own realities, but then we're all constantly trusting each other in so many ways. That can go horribly wrong, but when it goes right, that's the most beautiful thing I can think of.

Awe marks the band's first record since 2017's Deserve to Die. Their debut, Believe in Ourselves, was released in 2012. Beyond the new album's tracklist, you'll find Woolworm's upcoming tour dates.


1. Awe
2. Dogman
3. Hold the Bow
4. Soon
5. Finally
6. Live for You
7. Might as Well
8. Much Too Much
9. Can't Be Fucked
10. Without Will
11. Let Me Wear the Mask
12. Woe Is Me

Tour dates:

09/26 Montreal, QC - Quai Des Brumes (Pop Montreal)
09/27 Ottawa, ON - Cinqhole
09/28 Toronto, ON - The Beguiling
10/12 Vancouver, BC - 333

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