Woolworm 'Everything Seems Obvious' (EP stream)

Woolworm 'Everything Seems Obvious' (EP stream)
As previously reported, Vancouver's Woolworm held a release party for their new Everything Seems Obvious 7-inch last Friday (June 19). Just in case you weren't in BC to pick up a physical copy, the self-proclaimed blanket-rock crew have put the whole thing up online as well.

We'd previously been privy to the four-song effort's "Useless," a downer pop tune that wraps Giles Roy's forlorn vocal melodies around blaring and amped-up, '90s-style alt-rock hooks.

Even louder is "Cassandra," which uses boy-girl trade-offs, jangling chords and hardcore drum hammering. Broken-hearted is bassist Heather Black's turn on the mic, "I Truly Do Not Mind," which offers even more dejection ("And I never know if you want me, so we both neglect my body").

You can hear the EP below, while you can order a copy through Hockey Dad Records or pick up a record at one of their upcoming performances at Sled Island.

Tour dates:

06/27 Calgary, AB - The Palomino (early show @ Sled Island)
06/27 Calgary, AB - Bamboo (late show @ Sled Island)
06/28 Calgary, AB - Good Luck Bar