Woody Guthrie's Time in New York Examined with New Box Set

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jul 14, 2014

Woody Guthrie is set to be remembered with yet another tribute. This one is a three-CD set called My Name Is New York, which focuses on the 27 years that the iconic folksinger spent living in the Big Apple.

The set is a unique mix of stories and music. The first two discs feature stories about Guthrie's time in the city, which are interwoven with music. It acts as an audio tour and includes stories from Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Sonny Terry, members of Woody's family, and more. This portion of the set seems to be closely related to a paperback book by Woody's daughter Norah Guthrie, also titled My Name Is New York.

The last disc will be a big draw for many fans, since it consists solely of music. Guthrie wrote hundreds of songs while in New York — including the classic "This Land Is Your Land" — and many of the best are included here. There are even a couple of previously unreleased demos and a number of covers (including one of Billy Bragg and Wilco's Mermaid Avenue tracks).

The previously unreleased title track is streaming at the bottom of the page [via Rolling Stone]. Also below, hear a story from Pete Seeger and Norah Guthrie [via the Wall Street Journal].

The set is available to order here.

My Name Is New York:

CD 1: February 16, 1940 - November 1942:

1. 59th Street at 5th Avenue, Manhattan

2. 101 West 43rd Street, Manhattan

3. 57 East 4th Street, Manhattan

4. 31 East 21st Street, Manhattan

5. 5 West 101st Street, Manhattan

6. 70 East 12th Street, Manhattan

7. 130 West 10th Street, Manhattan

8. 430 6th Avenue, Manhattan

9. 148 West 14th Street, Manhattan

10. 647 Hudson Street, Manhattan

CD 2: December, 1942 - October 3, 1967:

1. 74 Charles Street, Manhattan

2. 3815 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn

3. 3520 Mermaid Avenue, Brooklyn

4. 49 Murdock Court, Brooklyn

5. 517 East 5th Street, Manhattan

6. Brooklyn State Hospital, 681 Clarkson Avenue, Brooklyn

7. 159-13 85th Street, Queens

8. Creedmore State Hospital, Queens

9. Final Resting Place: Atlantic Ocean, Brooklyn

CD 3:

1. Woody Guthrie/Cisco Houston/Sonny Terry - "New York Town"

2. Del McCoury - "New York Trains"

3. Almanac Singers - "Union Maid"

4. Mike + Ruthy - "My New York City"

5. Woody Guthrie - "Tom Joad"

6. Woody Guthrie/Sonny Terry - "Man's a Fool" (home tape)

7. Woody Guthrie - "Vigilante Man"

8. Lowry Hamner - "Union Air in Union Square"

9. Almanac Singers - "Round and Round Hitler's Grave"

10. Woody Guthrie - "Jesus Christ"

11. Reverend Billy & the Stop Shopping Choir - "Beatitudes"

12. Woody Guthrie - "This Land Is Your Land"

13. Demolition String Band with Stephan Said - "Go Coney Island, Roll On The Sand"

14. Ramblin' Jack Elliott - "Howdi Do"

15. Woody Guthrie - "My Name Is New York" (home demo tape)

16. Billy Bragg & Wilco - "Go Down to the Water"

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