Woodpigeon / Azeda Booth / The Consonant C The Broken City, Calgary AB January 12

For the first time in ages, three Calgary bands packed a local club and had an hour-long line-up of music fans eagerly waiting outside. With heavy buzz surrounding the double headliners, newcomers the Consonant C kept their set short. Disarmingly sweet, the young band clustered around keyboards and a harp and gave a light-hearted performance as chipper as an art pop glee club. Quickly proving themselves as the band to watch this year, Azeda Booth took the stage, bowed their heads, closed their eyes and went straight to work gob-smacking the audience. Tranquilly working as an intuitive and focused force, the surefooted sextet impeccably moved through smooth electronic soundscapes discerningly embellished by a floor tom, bass and guitars. One of the most unique singers in the Canadian scene, Jordon Hossack continued defying nature with his effeminate cooing. It’s a good thing that Hossack’s microphone was grounded considering the frequency he held it in his mouth. Despite an absentee, Woodpigeon still had a difficult time fitting all band members on stage. A band that is truly turning into a small village of creativity, Woodpigeon found the last patch of stage to invite the exquisitely voiced Jamie Fooks (Jane Vain & the Beautiful Creep Cabaret) to join in for their opening number. Crouched under the warm glow of Christmas lights strung between microphone stands, visual artist Joe Kelly busily projected a charming slide show behind the band. Within the hour set, Woodpigeon once again displayed careful attention to detail, mood setting and community spirit. Tenderly singing songs from last autumn’s Songbook LP and Redbeard operetta, their gentle choral approach continues to deeply connect with listeners square in the heart.