Wolf Eyes

Burned Mind

BY Mike AdairPublished Sep 1, 2004

If a harsh crossbreed of static, reverb, pitch shifting and other glorious recording techniques appeal to you, then Burned Mind’s jarring brand of noise music should make its way to your CD collection. The vocals, though minimal, are appropriately ominous while the backdrop stands as soothing as a migraine headache during a rush-hour subway ride. This is admittedly a short release, at about 35 minutes (including bonus track), but it packs a mad load of unique fury into this short amount of time. "Stabbed in the Face” is the best-known track (released earlier this year as a single), however "Village Oblivia,” and "Rattlesnake Shake,” best cover the group’s spectrum of rage and desolation. While they’re no strangers to self-promotion, the signing of Michigan-based trio Nate Young, Aaron Dilloway and John Olson to Sub Pop will likely make finding their material easier. Touring selected dates with Sonic Youth won’t hurt sales either. Wolf Eyes’ Burned Mind is a unique and creative release. Definitely worthy of purchase for those inclined to split an eardrum or two.
(Sub Pop)

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