Wiz Khalifa Drug Charges Dropped

Wiz Khalifa Drug Charges Dropped
The drug-related charges against rapper Wiz Khalifa stemming from an incident in North Carolina last year have been dropped.

Last November, the Pittsburgh-based spitter was picked up by the police following a concert on Greenville, NC for a number of supposed violations, including trafficking marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and maintaining a place of sale for marijuana, but a judge has now ruled that those charges are groundless.

Apparently, there was an error at the time of Khalifa's arrest, so the trafficking charge had to be overturned. While the November 8 incident did have authorities seizing two ounces of marijuana from the artist's tour bus, that amount does not exceed the threshold for a trafficking charge.

Ten people were arrested at the time and released on a $300,000 bond.

While three members of the party pleaded guilty to possession charges and paid $1,000 each on fines and court costs, charges against Khalifa and six other people were dismissed during court proceedings on August 11.

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